Leadership Qualities PPT

“Hey Dad, what does it mean to be a leader?”  —  Hannah (17) after winning the Leader of Tomorrow Award.

man confidently speaking to group

If you are anything like me, when you learned about leadership you were equal parts excited and terrified at the idea of influencing those around you. I had been “leading” for years without knowing it and yet adding the title increased the intimidation that I felt!

Leadership is not as complex as people make it sound. You don’t need to have a fancy title or people reporting to you to be a leader. You can define leadership as the ability to set defined goals and influence others to help achieve them. It is not a trait you are born with and can be learned by focusing on some basic qualities.

Use this PowerPoint as a basis to learn leadership skills, teach it to others, and influence those around you to overcome 21st century leadership challenges. The Leadership Challenges section contains workshop facilitation questions designed to get you thinking about how you can be a better leaders in any contexts. Edit the PowerPoint to fit your context (you are the leader, after all)!

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