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Will You Believe Me? My Personal Journey With Imposter Syndrome

Girl hiding like an imposter
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

I Can’t Believe You Are Reading This.

Placing words on paper and publishing them on the internet has been an adventure into Imposter Syndrome.  One that I wasn’t prepared for.  It has given me deep insight into a feeling that I have not experienced much until now.  Approximately 70% of adults will experience imposter syndrome during their lives and I have walked into it with a pen in hand.

Echoing in my brain are thoughts like:  

“Why me?”  

“Do I have enough knowledge about the job world to share with you?”  

“Am I someone that people can turn to for career tips?”  

“Should I put this project on hold until I’m more qualified?”  

Here’s the thing… more than two thirds of us have had these types of thought before or will experience them in the future.  The question becomes, how do we respond?  

My First Reaction  

Defend myself and justify!!  

My first urge is to tell you all the things that make me a credible source of information.    

Credentials like: 

  • Degree in Psychology and have read over 100 books on leadership, self-expression, business, finance, relationships, and culture in the last 3 years.  
  • I listen to 5+ podcasts about leadership, corporate culture, workplace success and personal growth per week from some of the best researchers and speakers globally.  
  • I work in the recruitment industry and get a bird’s eye view into hundreds of companies, witnessing their cultures, hiring, leadership styles and goals from a high level daily.  
  • Mentoring and coaching hundreds of job seekers, students, peers and youth, helping them to achieve goals of their own.  People who trust me to help guide them through a period of their life.  
  • I’m self-motivated and have very high standards. Which has resulted in “success” – at least society’s outside view of success – in 8+ different industries.  

But you weren’t asking.    

I have no one to defend against except myself… and it is a trap.  

When I am busy defending my own value against an invisible army, I forget to honour yours.   

I am qualified, but it is not why I write.  

More importantly, it is not why you read.  

Why I Write  

I write because I believe wholeheartedly that we all have incredible innate value.  We have been crafted for a purpose, and we each should be empowered and equipped to achieve individual success.  

I write because I care… I care deeply.  And I want you to know that I am in your corner.  I am ready to help you with achieving “work” success, no matter what that may look like to you.   

I write because I have something to say (check out this post by Julia).  

You Are NOT an Imposter!  

Imposter Syndrome says that I am “not enough” to speak to you.  If I were to let it rule my decisions, I wouldn’t be writing this to you today.  Where imposter Syndrome says, “not yet”, it is up to us to say, “if not now, then when?” and start acting anyway.  

It is only in action that we overcome the voices that tell us we are not enough.  By writing, I am affirming that I am worthy, but more importantly that you (dear reader) are a worthy investment of my time.  

I am saying “we are all enough.”  

We are all worthy enough to speak, to learn, and to succeed.  

You are worthy!  

And so am I. 

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